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-- Game made for Ludum Dare 36, in 48h compo --

Hello stranger !

Welcome onboard of your all-new low-poly raft. Your challenge is to be faster than the artificial intelligence (who can often fly..) and finish first !

After several hours of hard work, I wasn't able to finish the third map and include sound effects. In fact I probably spent too much time testing the game and challenging the AI. Heh...

Controls (keyboard / gamepad) :

This is a PC racing game made using Unity, you can play it with keyboard but a xbox 360 pad is recommanded.

Forward : UP key / RT
Backward : DOWN key / LT
Turn right/left : RIGHT and LEFT keys / left stick
See behind you : R key / right stick button

The menu can be used with a gamepad or keyboard/mouse.


WorldOfRadeaux.zip 25 MB

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